Our Client Process

Our approach ensures we give you:

Clarity of direction: be fully and expertly informed. Plan and adjust your financial affairs so you know that what you are doing is best for you and why!

Peace of mind: be sure you are making the smartest financial decisions for you.

Your First Meeting is Obligation Free

Our first meeting gives you the opportunity to see how we operate and to decide if you trust us to work with you to secure your future.

We believe in creating long term relationships and these can only be built if you feel we really understand you.

Getting to Know You

The first meeting takes from 45  to 90 minutes. It enables us to better understand the issues you are facing, your goals, your specific pressure points, your milestones and what you are looking to financial advice to achieve. We look at the specific areas that drive you. We use the MFG’s  “Wheel of Life pressure points” model to understand you and your drivers 


Here we present our fee proposal discussing the outcomes, resources and expertise we bring to the table to deliver your personal goals. If you feel we are the right firm for you, the second meeting is where the collaborative discussion begins. We delve further into the MFG’s “Wheel of Life pressure points” model. Here we start working on what is most pressing for you.







Estate Planning


Personal Goals

Discussion Paper

This paper focuses on strategies based upon your personal values, your family drivers and the financial goals you want to meet in your life.

We use financial modelling as part of this process to build the strategies relevant to you.

Advice Document

Using the discussion paper, we develop your advice document (Statement of Advice). It’s then up to you to decide if you can do this yourself or if you would like to engage us.

Successful implementation of your plan is key to achieving your goals. We provide the discipline and expertise to ensure that your plan is implemented promptly, accurately and that all your trusted professionals are working together to achieve your important outcomes.

We have been privileged to help our clients to make the smart financial decisions necessary to achieve their goals. Our role has been to educate and empower our clients to make the right financial decisions for them.

We act as a sounding board for their thoughts.

By holding regular six-monthly meetings we apply a discipline to reviewing your financial situation that many of our clients have not previously experienced. This ensures that all opportunities and changes in legislation are applied to your situation to ensure every opportunity is taken advantage of and all threats are mitigated.

With our ongoing review, clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they are working with a professional firm that cares and understands them, and that they are doing everything possible to achieve their important milestones.


“Roy has his clients best interest in mind and is not locked into specific companies’ products. That’s the advantage Roy has. Plus, he does his research. If he likes the product, it’s not about the commissions. If they do give commissions he passes these back to his clients.” — Julie W

“He didn’t try to sell his services. His approach made you want to go to him and ask for the help. I needed help with my financial situation and he did it very well. He was calm and gentle and caring and nothing was too much trouble for him. He didn’t patronise us and that’s important. We have a lot of respect for Roy. He did the right thing by us and we appreciated this very much.” — Carol H

“He introduced me to a mortgage broker that would give me better rates than what I was on. Roy didn’t get the commission on that recommendation. He actually sacrificed his third party commission and gave it to me to put back into my mortgage and this also meant I got a slightly reduced interest rate.” — Sue F

“Roy has good values. I judged him to be the kind of person who would do the best for us, not run off with our money. It’s a gut feeling that I got in everything he does for us and the way he comes across." — Sue N

"Roy was completely open and friendly and full of information and takes a no holds barred approach. He’ll answer any question and is incredibly knowledgeable. He doesn’t come across as a salesperson, more a teacher. He was the first person who actually didn’t try to sell me something and was genuinely interested in my situation and helping me." — Tamara D

"I had my heart set on buying property for the super fund, but Roy told me I had to be careful where I put my money because my financial situation had changed so suddenly. He also explained that if I bought the property through my super fund all the maintenance costs associated with it would mean I would be generating less than the required 5% pa and I would have to make up the difference each year. That shocked me. I went to solicitors and property investment seminars and what Roy told me was spot on. Roy’s honesty stands out. To the best of his knowledge he won’t give you crappy information." — Peter J

"Roy didn’t seem to be interested in selling us a managed fund or product. Instead he spent the time giving us financial advice about how we structure our accounts, our real estate situation and looked at the overall picture and the financial implications of these, and we appreciated that. At the same time, we saw another financial planner who was recommended to us. But there were no questions about how our term deposits were going, our real estate, or asking questions about the overall picture and talking to us about how he could help us. There was no sense of that - he showed interest only if it involved us purchasing a product." — Geoff L