Mosaic Financial Group, founded in 2003, is a truly impartial financial advisory firm with a ‘no commission’ fee base and skills and experience to ensure we deliver advice and strategies tailored to meet your financial needs.

Mosaic helps you get organised and in control of your financial affairs so you can fulfil your personal aspirations and improve and protect your financial security.

Mosaic guarantees total impartiality

Our AFSL licence guarantees we are not tied to any financial product or firms. This allows us to:

Seek financial products directly relevant to our clients’ needs rather than being driven by commissions or margins offered by product providers

Work with product providers willing to reimburse any rebates back to our clients.




Mosaic doesn’t take commissions

We’re building your financial wealth, not ours.

You are paying us to provide you with the best possible advice, so we get remunerated by you. As we don’t receive commissions from product providers, you can have peace of mind that we are always motivated by what we believe is best for you.

We stand by this promise – if a product provider pays us a commission and we believe the product is the best one for you, we will refund the commission to you.



How we help you

To help achieve your personal financial aspirations and improve and protect your financial security, Mosaic works with you to understand:

• Your personal situation • What you are trying to achieve • Your core values as a person

From there, we empower and guide you in your financial decisions through key milestones.

We don’t fall into the trap of choosing investments for you which are simply the latest and greatest.